Photo Credit: Andre Beneteau

MILITARY ART GALLERY AT: Barrie City Hall's First Floor Gallery
Sept & Oct 2017

  1. Lest We Forget - Denis Antille
    Lest We Forget - Denis Antille
  2. Return to Juno - Don Ward
    Return to Juno - Don Ward
    Watercolour - The inspiration for this work was from Don's Father on his return to Juno Beach in 1984. He said he could feel the spirits of the men around him that day and believed an angel had been looking out for him...a very emotional moment for all involved.
  3. Pentagon 911 - Diane Kruger
    Pentagon 911 - Diane Kruger
    Metal work - This piece was created during the height of the Afghanistan mission and depicts the 911 attack on the nerve centre of the US military. More than 40,000 CAF members deployed to Afghanistan, many more than once, making the military engagement the largest deployment of CAF personnel since WWII.
  4. Heart of a New Nation - Dan Shouinard
    Heart of a New Nation - Dan Shouinard
    Acrylic - 2017 was the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Canada's 150th Birthday. The silhouette of the First World War soldier and the Vimy Memorial is indicative of the deaths and losses to win and having the monument attached to the soldier represents what the young men endured and sacrificed to win the battle of Vimy Ridge by carrying the responsibility.
  5. One Loose Tooth - Lee Ann LeMusieur
    One Loose Tooth - Lee Ann LeMusieur
    Mixed Media - This 3 dimensional piece was made from a repeated casting of a caribou tooth, arranged into cadpad design.
  6. Untitled - Robert Heckadon
    Untitled - Robert Heckadon
    Photography - These photos were taken by the pilot while flying the T-33 jet in the 1950s
  7. CH146 Griffon - Nicole Reid
    CH146 Griffon - Nicole Reid
  8. Transition - Anonymous
    Transition - Anonymous
    Acrylic - This piece exemplifies the difficulties in transition from a military orderly life (on the left) to stepping into the civilian world of work which felt chaotic
  9. Painting 3 - Mary Ann Barber
    Painting 3 - Mary Ann Barber
    Acrylic - The positive words and feelings that I felt about having PTSD and how it had impacted my life in a positive way. The words I painted over included leader, nurse, friend, professional, kind, compassionate, considerate, passionate.
  10. Wounded Warrior #2 - Allan Harrison
    Wounded Warrior #2 - Allan Harrison
    Wood Carving - Odin was a warrior-king who sacrificed one of his eyes in order to gain wisdom, according to the old Northern European religions. This theme of sacrifice extends to the materials used in this piece; the wood is from a 300+ year old red oak that was felled to make way for a hydro pylon at CFB Borden

Barrie City Hall's First Floor Gallery Sept & Oct 2018 & Rotunda Gallery Oct 2018

  1. Fred Andrews
    Fred Andrews
    Poetry - This poem was written during WWII while Fred was fighting overseas and includes many of his geographical stops along the 6 years
  2. Terry Barton
    Terry Barton
    Acrylic on wood - Wreath
  3. Duane Van Dixhoorn
    Duane Van Dixhoorn
    Airbrushing - Time
  4. Allan Harrison
    Allan Harrison
    Greenware - Wounded Warrior #1 - Tyr
  5. Dan Shouinard
    Dan Shouinard
    Photography - Closure of Operation Athena & Sunset OP
  6. Constance Spittachine
    Constance Spittachine
    Stained Glass - Sacrifice for Queen & Country
  7. Aydyn Neifer
    Aydyn Neifer
    Sharpie & India Ink - Turret Watch
  8. Trisha MacLeod
    Trisha MacLeod
    Oil Paint - Trees in FOB
  9. Dietra Miron
    Dietra Miron
    Acrylic on Canvas - Postpartum
  10. Don Ward
    Don Ward
    Watercolour - Courage, Sacrifice & Honour - Victory 1918
  11. Janet Grootveld
    Janet Grootveld
    Watercolour - Cancer Interrupts Life
  12. Lee-Ann LeMesurier
    Lee-Ann LeMesurier
    Ceramic Tile & Acrylic Glaze - Ber445 - This piece is an individuals bio in 30 words translated into Morse Code
  13. Brian Lintner
    Brian Lintner
    Mixed Media (paracord)
  14. Margaux Pyke
    Margaux Pyke
    Acrylic - Mind, Body & Spirit
  15. Maxx Bonnefey
    Maxx Bonnefey
    Watercolour & charcoal - Untitled
  16. Tom Kraus
    Tom Kraus
    Water Colour Pencil
  17. Colin Partridge
    Colin Partridge
    Acrylic, Pyrography, Wood carving etc.
  18. Susan Bartlett
    Susan Bartlett
    Acrylic - The Love of Lupins
  19. Denis Antille
    Denis Antille
    Leather work - Remembering
  20. Banner - 2018
    Banner - 2018