The Steel Spirit is a company that is based on giving back to the community.

 The Roberta Place 
Art Social
September 2017
In an effort to bridge the age gap of veterans, The Steel Spirit and Robert Place nursing home hosted a Veteran Art Social. The coffee, tea, art and conversation was well enjoyed by all age groups. Many veterans are together for Remembrance Day, but it is so nice to also have a positive occassion in which to get together. 
Veterans art on display at the Gallery Reception
The 2 Intelligence Company Senate Charity
2 Intelligence Company Senate is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing and enriching the lives of past and serving soldiers and officers of 2 Intelligence Company. The Steel Spirit and 2 Intel are working together to increase awareness for military PTSD and OSI. Donations to support The 2 Intel Charity can be made to:
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  Art Donations at Health Services Centre Borden
After the first Military Art Gallery in 2017 at City Hall there was interest from the Beautification Committee at the Borden Health Centre to add some of the local military's artwork to their walls. 
Along with the artwork hangs the artists biography and art writeups. Among the art donations was an anonymous piece by one of the artists who wrote up about his difficult transition from military life to the civilian world and his forever gratitude for what the military taught him.

The Steel Spirit coming to Nova Scotia
Military and First Responder Art Gallery coming to Round Hill Studio Gallery in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
The Steel Spirit gallery will be on display June 1st through June 6th, 2019.

Round Hill Studio
280 St-George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
(902) 955-0365

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The Steel Spirit continues to expand on involvement in the community. 
If you are interested in involvement with The Steel Spirit, please contact [email protected] for more information.