If you are interested in participating please do not hesitate to reach out at any time 
Looking for artists for future displays and involvement.


Non Professional Artists

If you are interested in submitting your artwork for the gallery please send an email to [email protected] to begin the conversation.  We are always looking for a variety of art, backgrounds and concepts. The preferential theme of the art is to reflect the type of work you have done. Suggestions might be how you are proud of your work, tributes to your workmates or highlighting the difficulties in your line of work.
Barbara is always happy to discuss the direction and ideas for your art if you are are interested in participating yet unsure where to start.

The gallery experience for artists should always be stressfree. We are flexible to try and accomodate anyone who wishes to be involved. Art is not sold at the gallery, however if you are interested in promoting your work, we can add business cards/info by your artwork. 

Please note: the gallery is in a public space and content should be suitable for all ages.