The Steel Spirit is a platform for non-professional artists to share their work and experiences with the community.  

Barbara Brown, the founder of The Steel Spirit, is a Social Entrepreneur who built the organization to create a forum of recognition that gives back to those that serve their community and country. 

Types of artwork that have been submitted for the gallery cover a wide range of mediums (i.e. photography, painting, leatherwork, metal work, india ink, wood sculpture, etc). Below the artwork are details of the art (this may only be the title of the art or it may also include a brief story/background of the piece). Bios of the artist are also on display under the artwork which provides a very meaningful foundation and portrays the personal experiences behind the art. ​These bios are what create layers of depth to the artwork and makes The Steel Spirit galleries unique...these galleries are about people and the art is that window for the community.

Individuals also have the option to submit artwork anonymously.  This has been done when someone has either felt not as confident about displaying their art or if someone wishes to highlight their difficulties in their job without feeling vunerable to reaction. 

Sometimes 'anonymous' contributions relate to the viewers more, since individuals can put themselves in their shoes. 

More than anything, The Steel Spirit is about providing a stress free experience for artists, of all backgrounds, ages and experiences.

Artwork submitted for the gallery has a reflection of the vocation of the individual. Whether in the art content or the write up that accompanies the art and how it relates to their work.

The Steel Spirit is a registered business however it operates more like a charity in the sense that monetary contributions go back to the operation of the gallery. For example; gallery supplies, bio prints/frames, art plaques, plinths for sculptures, food/supplies for the gallery reception, plaques for the artists, website cost, etc. There is no cost to the artist in participating or for anyone attending the reception for the gallery. 

The Steel Spirit is proud to associate with various charities that support PTSD and OSI. Given that military and first responders are often more prone to encountering abnormal situations that many of the public rarely see, the galleries are a building ground for artists to bring awareness back to their jobs and coworkers who have struggled with these issues.  Artists involved in the gallery include individuals with and without PTSD/OSI.

The Future Direction of The Steel Spirit
Barbara would love to expand the galleries to more locations to continue to give valuable insight to communities about their local services and forces. Eventually as the company grows, there may be opportunities to publish short stories of individual experiences, organize art classes and partake in booths at art festivals.

If you are interested in advertising in support of the gallery, making a donation or would like to inquire on a presentation about the gallery, please email [email protected]

Thank you to everyone who has submitted art, attended the socials and encouraged others to get involved. The strength in the stories behind the art has truly impacted and inspired others.